What if I am not satisfied with my product?

If for some crazy reason you don't like your order, don't worry - we're good guys and we have a 100% money-back guarantee in place. Just get in touch to let us know and we'll refund your money.

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    Rory Buckeridge

    Could you add how to "get in touch"? I need to organise a return and refund. I was hoping to find that information on this page. 

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    Hi Rory,


    We are very sorry for the delayed responses. It seems that your request has went unnoticed. We have added a new section on how to get in touch with. Please see FAQ section.



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    I received my shipment today and EVERYTHING is wrong!

    It is the map and name of a city I've never seen or heard of before (Rockville 39.08N / 77.15W???). The only thing that was correct in the poster was the main title "Our First Date".

    The map should've been of Toronto, Canada. With the name of the restaurant where we had our first date and the date.

    This was going to be a surprise gift for my wife and newborn daughter this Valentine's Day (Febraury 14th) and I'm afraid this won't be resolved in time.

    Grafomap, please advise.


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    How do I get in touch??? I was sent the complete wrong thing and it is for my anniversary on MONDAY.  If I dont hear back, I am cancelling payment and I am reporting you as thieves.

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