How long the shipping takes?

We deliver within 5 days in US, 7 days in Canada, Europe and in under 20 days to the rest of the world.

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    Tracey Drabant

    Was my order placed? I didn’t exactly receive an email saying so; rather, after placing my order, I received an email to set up a password for an online account (I did do that btw). This is a Christmas present, so I’d like to confirm my order ASAP and know it’s in process. Thank you. Tracey Drabant 

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    Marcus Green

    I have the same question as Tracey, I placed my order on 12/19/17 and received an immediate message saying "An email receipt including the details about your order has been sent to the email address provided. Please keep it for your records." But I did not receive an emailed receipt, however, the payment was made as the transaction is reflected in my bank account. Please advise on the status of my order when you have a moment. Thank you. Marcus D. Green

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